Tuesday, 8 December 2009



We will be making a website for a charity for homeless animals. There will be pages where animals are shown which the public can adopt; there will also be a page where people can donate to the charity.

The website will be aimed at a wide range of people, therefore we need to make the website appropriate for all ages. We can do this by making the colours on the website stand out, but not too bright as this will put off some of the elderly generation.

We will aim to make the website simple for all ages to use and understand but it was also be interesting and attract people to look through the website.

By making this website we are hoping to persuade a lot of people to adopt an animal or donate to the charity. We will also use images of the animals to make the audience feel sorry for them and want to give to the charity.

There will be a short clip showing some of the problems that the animals had to go through before being rescued by the charity, this will interest the audience and they will want to read on through the website, and this will help persuade them to donate to the charity or adopt an animal.

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