Thursday, 18 March 2010


When i started this media studies course, I thought that I was going to be learning about the way films, posters, newspapers and other things that are in the media are developed and created. My thoughts have changed slightly as now I know we are going into more depth about the media.

I think so far I have been successful in my small piece of written work and the story board we had to complete, I feel these were quite easy to do as I have already done media for GCSE and I have already learnt how to do them.

At the moment I haven't found anything I haven't understood although I would of like to spend more time on newspapers involved in the media, as I find this very interesting.

From watching the DVD on Casino Royale I have understood how complex the sound for movies is and how just little sounds that people would think nothing of have to be carefully recorded and put in the right place. I have also relised that the kind of music that is played in the films and TV help to create the different moods and atmospheres.

The film Gone Fishing was a short but interesting film, I think because it was so short and simple, it made the story line more effective.

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