Sunday, 25 April 2010

4. Who is the audience and how do you attract the audience?

After giving out our survey, we discovered the range of people and ages that would be interested in our charity website. This is because all dog lovers can range from all different ages and gender. Therefore, we have aimed our website at a range of ages, our target audience is for children, families and the elderley.

We have used the colour scheme blue and green, this is to attract young children to our website. The blue and the green gives the impression of the outside and paints a picture of happiness, which attracts the young children and the elderly. We have also made the website very simple so that young children and the elderly can work their way around our website with ease.

The aim is to make it child friendly so children look at the dogs and then show their parents and persuade them to either adopt or donate to the charity. The audiences we aim to attract are dog lovers, families who want a dog and also elderly people who may want a companion.

We have also used drawings and scribbles that we scanned onto the website, which also attract children as it looks as if a child has drawn them, so therefore they can relate to it. We created our own font with letters that we drew ourselves, the font is a fun, curly font to attract our audience, making the website have a happy, fun mood to it.

The photos we have used of the dogs make the dogs look cute and loveable so that the audience want to help them, to either donate to the charity or even adopt one.

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