Sunday, 25 April 2010

Photos on my website

This photo was taken of this dog at a farm where homeless dogs are held. The dog looks trapped as it is tied to a tree, this will make people feel sorry for the dog and want to help.

This puppy is small and cute, it is looking straight at the camera making the audience feel as if it is looking at them. The puppy eyes will attract our audience and make them feel sorry for the puppy.

This is my dog, I got her to sit down and look towards the camera, tilting her head. This makes her look cute and will attract dog lovers.
This is my dog again, she has her head and paws hanging through the banister, with her head tilting towards the camera. Her paw is reached out to the camera, giving the impression that she is reaching out to the audience wanting them to adopt her.

This is my dog when she was first born in the farm, her and the dog next to her are so small and look almost helpless. All children and adults will be attracted to this photo as almost every person loves cute, cuddly puppies.

This dog is also from the farm for homeless dogs. This dog looks lost and quite upset which will make people feel sorry for him and want to help towards the charity, or even to adopt him.

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